01 February 2014

Jack Irvine's Wild Friday Nights

By Shane Nicholson | Executive Editor

It's a bit odd the old voices backing "the board" (even though it has reshaped itself drastically since last autumn) have suddenly come back to life. Even funnier is that the response seems to be as a result of people calling out PR gurus over their sudden change of heart in regards to Ally McCoist. Couldn't have anything to do with the manager proxying his votes or asking some hard questions of where the money has gone, could it?

Anyway, we know representatives of the board and our former finance director Mr Stockbridge in particular like to express their intent of supposed forthcoming legal action at the weekend. Hell, we know Jack likes to spend his time writing absurdly long statements and following them up with tweets to the Texas Rangers baseball club on Friday nights.

But, by the grace of good fortune, today we are allowed a prime example of just where the money of Rangers supporters is going in terms of PR and media relations "on behalf" of the Club.

For the avoidance of doubt, this is what Jack Irvine does with his time for Rangers. Money well spent, eh?

Subject: Att: Chris Graham

On 31 Jan 2014, at 17:06, "Jack Irvine" <xxxxxxxx@mediahouse.co.uk> wrote:

Extract - We've seen PR men, supposedly working for the club, not only look to undermine a potential investor in Dave King but now also attempt to turn fans against our own manager. Clearly some are more eager to believe this nonsense than others. You really have to wonder why. (Emphasis, Jack's)

Dear Chris

Did you have any PR man or men in mind who might be undermining the manager? If you could identify them it would allow the board to take disciplinary measures against them.

Kind regards


Jack Irvine

Executive Chairman

Media House International Ltd

London: 020 7710 0020

Edinburgh: 0131 247 7520

Glasgow: 0141 220 6040

Mobile: xxxxx xxx xxx


Subject: Re: Att: Chris Graham

From: Rangers Standard <rangersstandard@hotmail.co.uk>
Date: 31 January 2014 18:17:30 GMT
To: Jack Irvine <xxxxxxxx@mediahouse.co.uk>

Dear Jack,

Wonderful to see one of the club's PR men being so proactive for a change! I'll be happy to discuss it anytime with Graham Wallace. Feel free to pass on contact details to him. 

What sort of action do you think "the board" might take? I do hope that none of them would contemplate throwing the perpetrator down the marble staircase? That would be absurd and certainly not befitting a director of Rangers. Don't you agree?

Will you be returning to Twitter? Lots of people missing those invaluable diet tips in the post Christmas period.



Jack, you and your few mates left in media who run with your email bursts and those willing to do your bidding online may still be taking the bait, but your same old tricks just aren't going to cut it. Hope you don't plan on tossing writers from the CRO or any other "dissenters" or "self-styled rebels" down the marble staircase because of this. No hard feelings, promise.