31 March 2014

And Colin Stein Scores!

by D'Artagnan | Guest Contributor

My gran wasn't too impressed with Colin Stein. Nothing to do with the player himself of course, but everything to do with the grandson who muddied himself on her back green in Anniesland trying to emulate the great man's latest goal every Saturday. The following day being Sunday, there was no way she would take her grandson to church looking anything less than respectful and appropriate for The Lord's House.

26 March 2014

Alexander Easdale Will Have His Revenge on Mountain View

By Dail Carnayegay | Guest Contributor

Having successfully defeated the social networkz by vanquishing the evil Zuckerberg and stealing the gold from his lair – and in turn taking over the contract on the Facebook campus bus route – Alexander ‘Sandy’ Easdale has chosen his next target. And this time it’s Stanford serious.

It’s Sandy Easdale v Google.

(Editor’s note: Google search can and will bring different results tailored to your individual ways and lifestyle choices, so some of you may care to give this a miss lest you find some videos we really don’t want to see passed around the Internet)

Let’s imagine you have some spare time on your short commute and wish to take advantage of the free Wi-Fi on your McGill’s bus. You think to yourself, “I’d like to find out some more about Mr. Sandy Easdale.”

21 March 2014

Minor Controversy Creates Maximum Cash

by Thomas Simpson | Guest Contributor

Major sporting events heavily rely on the promotion of their product. Professional wrestling organisations such as the WWE are a prime example as they are masters of creating hype. This market has a particular advantage as everything is scripted. A creative team is responsible for planning a narrative that gets people interested. The feuds are orchestrated to create as much tension as possible; the aim to turn the audience’s attention into profit.

Legitimate sporting events are also good at this as boxing and MMA shows make a fortune from it. They expect the fighters to trash talk and simulate hatred for each other to build-up the bout. Customers want to see animosity between the competitors – now the same rules apply to the world of football. They all have the same goal, convince people to part with their money.

18 March 2014

Posing the Question of Alexander Easdale

by Graham Taylor | Guest Contributor

I’ll be the first to admit that when the name of Sandy Easdale was first mooted as having a possible involvement at Rangers in November 2012 I didn’t know the first thing about him, as no doubt many that do not live in the central belt probably didn’t either. Handily though, the Daily Record were quick to point people in the direction of Mr Easdale’s somewhat questionable business past with an article entitled “Bus tycoon Sandy Easdale who was jailed over VAT fraud is courted as possible investor at Ibrox”.

Taken at face value at a time when the club was needing to regain its credibility following the disastrous insolvency experience under the stewardship of Craig Whyte, I, like many, was aghast at the thought of an individual with an equally-dubious business background to that of Whyte being involved at the club. It was noticeable from the story that the Rangers spokesman at the time felt it necessary to give direct comment on the possible involvement of Easdale at the club. Looking back it is clear that, even from that early stage, Sandy Easdale was being lined up for a prominent role at the club.

11 March 2014

Ally has to go...and give the players a good kick

by Scott Ferguson | Guest Contributor

Well that wasn’t fun was it?

Sunday's Scottish Cup game at Ibrox was truly dreadful for the battered and bruised Rangers fans. Just a short time ago and with the victory in the quarter finals of the same competition the ‘feel good factor’ had returned to Ibrox for the first time in many a month. 

10 March 2014

Just for fun...

We don't have a CROpod for you this morning (it'll be coming on Tuesday again this week) so here's a bunch of old photos we culled from Getty. Enjoy.

06 March 2014

Over at the RangersFACTS page, our own Gary Havlin looks back on one of Scotland's greatest and his roles in the early days of both Rangers and Chelsea.

03 March 2014

The Ignorance of Struth Tradition

by Alex Oliver | Contributor

Rangers Football Club are a club with a rich illustrious history with values of equal measure. 

The foundations were set by the Gallant Pioneers over 140 years ago, and the coliseum was constructed by Mr Bill Struth. One could say Mr Struth is the corner stone to the proud tradition that runs… or ran, throughout our wonderful club. 

Little Still Waiting For Contract Talks

by Shane Nicholson | Executive Editor

Right midfielder (?) Andy Little is counting down the days on his contract while trying to find his form again after that brutal face injury suffered during a clash of heads with Dunfermline's Alex Whittle back in November.

Of course as Graham Wallace's infamous 120-day review continues it's yet to be seen what Ally McCoist will have to spend this summer including on contract renewals leaving players like Little in limbo as to where they'll be plying their trade next season.