16 May 2014

Shareholders blocking potential peace deal?

by Alan Clark | Deputy Editor

Key shareholders in Rangers Football Club are blocking a potential compromise agreement between the board and umbrella supporters' group the Union of Fans, the CRO understands.

News broke in the media yesterday that representatives from the UoF had sat down at Ibrox for a meeting with chief executive Graham Wallace - and that the outcome of the meeting was Wallace had promised to take a proposal to sign a legally-binding agreement of protecting Ibrox Stadium to the PLC board for consideration.

The UoF had made it clear in the meeting that they would require the same type of deal for the club's training ground, Murray Park, and that they would take any type of document to their lawyers for inspection.

Today is the last day for season ticket renewals at the club, and the PLC board have still not returned with any such documentation to the Dave King-backed UoF.

It is understood that there is a divide emerging in Rangers International's boardroom, as certain shareholders in the company have reiterated that they will not agree to any contract that protects the key assets being signed and shown to the supporters. 

If some director(s) are willing to reach a compromise for the supporters regarding Ibrox and/or Murray Park, yet some are not, questions will undoubtedly arise over who exactly is running the show at Edmiston Drive.