22 July 2014

You Talk Some Amount of Shite, Phil

The name Phil MacGiollaBhain will be familiar to many Rangers fans. The self-proclaimed "journalist" is a notorious Rangers hating bigot who regularly refers to you and I as Nazis, racists and 'the Klan' amongst other terms.

His ability to whip his similarly obsessed Celtic fans into a frenzy over Rangers is second to none (and definitely not a ploy simply to generate sales for his book). Phil, or whatever his real name is, claims to have 'excellent sources' within Ibrox and regularly makes claims on his Twitter feed or within his blogs about the Club. Let's have a look at some of them:

21 July 2014

Twenty years on from the day that Brian Laudrup signed we have a special guest to look back on the time God played for the Rangers.

18 July 2014

It's Time for FIFA to Stop Stumbling Through the Haze

Executive Editor Shane Nicholson says the world's governing body needs to lead from the front in dealing with concussion and other brain injuries.