22 July 2014

You Talk Some Amount of Shite, Phil

The name Phil MacGiollaBhain will be familiar to many Rangers fans. The self-proclaimed "journalist" is a notorious Rangers hating bigot who regularly refers to you and I as Nazis, racists and 'the Klan' amongst other terms.

His ability to whip his similarly obsessed Celtic fans into a frenzy over Rangers is second to none (and definitely not a ploy simply to generate sales for his book). Phil, or whatever his real name is, claims to have 'excellent sources' within Ibrox and regularly makes claims on his Twitter feed or within his blogs about the Club. Let's have a look at some of them:

A textbook Phil tweet suggesting that Kingsnorth had traveled North with the implication that crisis talks were ongoing. The only problem being that when contacted by our friend Gordon James (the Rabbit), Mr Kingsnorth confirmed he was in Italy on the day in question (and still was when reached). Whoops.

Next up is a claim that McCoist and the Rangers team spent two nights away in a plush hotel before the Ramsdens Cup Final in April. However, a CRO contributor was at Ibrox the day before the final and witnessed the team, including McCoist, leave the stadium around 4 p.m. for the game. Whoops.

Not much needed to be said here other than there was no announcement to the stock exchange around this time. Whoops.

Ignoring the use of the ridiculous term Stalag Sevco and its obvious connotations of course Ahmad was not successful in court. Whoops.

Again the very clever term Stalag Sevco and again Phil is way of the mark. He claimed on several occasions that Graham Wallace was about to walk. Whoops.

Arguably Phil's greatest moment as he proudly told the world that 28 million shares had been traded in RIFC. Yes, that is a massive 43% of the company, a fantastic exclusive. Also fantastic nonsense as it was actually 28,000 shares that had been traded. Hope the dreaded "SMSM" were all over it! (Whoops.)

The share option was not rubber stamped within 24 hours. Whoops.

We now have the claim that Mr George Letham, who provided a loan of £1 million to the Club, does not have security over the loan. Phil obviously struggles to read stock exchange announcements given which show that he does indeed have security. Seeing a pattern yet?

Back to the share option again and incredibly Phil believes that it may be announced at NARSA before being announced to the stock exchange. Of course, it was not. Maybe less time writing fanatical bullshit and more time familiarizing yourself with AIM regulations would help with your Rangers obsession?

Next up is Phil proclaiming that Rob Shorthouse will be the new Director of Communications at Rangers. This is met with a rebuttal by the man himself where Phil then attempts to convince him he is indeed the front runner. Incorrect "on this occasion".

Sadly, the meeting was in London, the evidence provided by the Daily Record who had pictures of the Easdales leaving NOMAD Daniel Stewart's offices in London afterwards. For the avoidance of doubt.

Phil's attempts at breaking stories at other clubs also tend to have Rangers connections. I was surprised to see him announce that Barry Ferguson would be the new St Mirren manager. Only days later Tommy Craig was appointed.

Amazingly Motherwell's annual operating costs were only £1.6m last year. They must be a very well run club! The only issue being that in 2011 Motherwell's costs were £5.6 million. It would appear that so called journalist failed to do his research. 

Further research, or even time with a calculator, Phil should have carried out was on his figures regarding the monthly operating costs at Rangers. Phil claims it is £3.4 million. However, a quick glance at the latest set of accounts (interim accounts for the 6 months up to 31st December 2013) show that operating costs were £16.8 million. This is around £2.8 million per month. Maths.

Here we have the claim that Laxey Partners had set up a new company called GreenWhiteStar PLC which would be used to purchase Auchenhowie. As per an announcement to the stock exchange, the company in question was set up to provide funds to Eddie Stobbart. Caveat.

Phil also claims repeatedly to have broken the Hugh Dallas Emailgate story and regularly reminds people that this was the case. However, Gerry Braiden claims that, not for the first time, Phil stole the story from him. An interesting claim that perhaps Phil will answer. Is this conduct befitting of a NUJ member? 

This also provides an interesting example of the often bullying behaviour Phil has displayed towards his NUJ colleagues and perhaps shows his claim to have 'broken the story' is perhaps just as much fiction as many of his exclusives about Rangers. Of course his magnum opus is now nothing but a piece of revisionist history reserved for the fiction shelves.

So is using terms using as Stalag Sevco, the Klan and Herrenvolk beffiting of a NUJ member? Surely like any other trade organization they have guidelines and a code of conduct. Phil also regularly ridicules the Scottish Mainstream Media, his bitter enemy the SMSM. Whilst all Rangers fans have issues with certain journalists it is fair to say Phil goes above and beyond. If a real journalist made as many errors as Phil has in such a short period of space they would not have a job, but he can safely sit in Donegal writing whatever fantasies he wishes with no repercussions for his misinformation – willful idiots will still donate money to his cause. What is more, for a man who regularly voices his displeasure with the media, he was very quick to run to them when he had a book to fleece his fellow fans with. 

The above screenshots are just a small collection of his lies and to show Phil up for what he really is. Of course, if Phil would like he can easily rebut any of the evidence provided in this article. Until then, perhaps it is time to reflect the agenda Phil works to and the damage he is actively trying to cause to our Club. 

Obsession feeds bullshit, bullshit feeds obsession. You talk some amount of shite, Phil. It hasn't gone unnoticed.