01 September 2014

Transfer Deadline Day Open Thread

It's Transfer Deadline Day, and apparently also a day to pick up nearly 3.6 million shares in Rangers.

If you missed the news, two movements of approximately 1.8 million shares in RIFC plc were recorded this morning, each for roughly £455,000. We're still waiting on an announcement to the LSE with details on the transactions but we can tell you the share price have moved up ever so slightly today to a current number of 25.28.

In the more football-related-matters, Lewis Macleod, now linked with everyone from Brighton to Wigan and all points in between, is at Auchenhowie with the Scotland setup prior to setting off for the U21 base. We're going to go ahead and make the bold prediction that our future captain is still with Rangers at the end of the shift simply because he has to be. (He has to.)

So what have you heard/what do you know/what info did the taxi driver tell you that he got from his last fare who had it on good authority from his cousin who's an agent? Tell us in the open thread below and we'll come back with any updates as we have them.

(Updates below the jump.)

UPDATE: Breaking news from our friend Iain Nicol.

Ominous signs from Macleod's Twitter account, August 2012.

We should say that the initial Wigan "reports" have come from a couple of Twitter accounts that have spun some massive amounts of bullshit before.

UPDATE: Wigan have completed two signings in the past hour or so. Breathing room on the Macleod front and another blow to anonymous Twitter accounts popping out transfer rumours left and right.

UPDATE: It all slowed down in a hurry after that, if it ever had any momentum in the first place. At least we're not hurriedly signing Danny Welbeck at the last second!

And in other news, the share movements likely weren't much that we haven't seen before, with aligned institutions just doing a little swapping of stock. Makes a couple headlines but it in the end nothing truly changes with regards to the ownership situation.

Our best highlight of the day so far is probably from Bilel Mohsni, who was fined £405 for using his mobile while driving and having no insurance:

A plea of not guilty to a charge of attempting to pervert the course of justice, by pretending to police that he did not live in the UK and was visiting the country for a catering course, was accepted by prosecutors.

And there you have it: Transfer Deadline/The Same Bastards Still Own the Same Chunk of Rangers As They Did When the Day Started Day. Riveting stuff. We'll update further when nothing more happens yet again.

UPDATE: ACTUAL TRANSFER NEWS! And it's Calum Gallagher away on loan to Cowdenbeath until January. Youth development continues to be a top priori... no, wait. It doesn't.

(Delayed) UPDATE: Lost among all the excitement (and a a nap) was 18-year-old Danny Stoney moving on loan to Stranraer.

UPDATE: Anyone claiming to have the inside track on a Gasparotto loan switch to Airdrie is basing it off this tweet:

You have to wonder what Charlie Nicholas is sittin' there thinkin' tonight...

UPDATE: And the screencap proves true as Luca Gasparotto moves to Airdrie through January.

UPDATE: And they're flying in now as Robbie Crawford is away to Morton on loan. The Easdales must be big fans.

UPDATE: Tom Walsh in on his way to Stennie.

UPDATE: Barry and Bob take on Craig Halkett as he's loaned out to Clyde. 
UPDATE: Sources are telling us Jim Spence is still an utterly deluded twat who just doesn't get it. We will confirm once more informa... And we now understand that is completely true.