29 October 2014

We Deserve Better

by Danny Johnstone | Guest Contributor

Cast your mind back to January 2009 – yes, nearly six whole agonising years ago – when the 'We Deserve Better' campaign was launched voicing fans concerns for the leadership of the Club.

David Murray retaliated with the following: "The people who are moaning and making most of the noise are not exactly captains of industry," said Murray. "They don't have vast experience in business. I don't see any solutions being put forward by them." Whilst this suited Murray’s usual stance of absolving himself of any blame, along with keeping fans in the dark, he was correct.

The Club was virtually up for sale from 2006 and fan ownership was barely on the minds of most. Whether or not we had the capacity to mount a bid back then is a query we will never have the answer to but that may have been the perfect opportunity… it all sounds great in hindsight, though, particularly when the Club was pawned off to Craig Whyte for a measly quid.

23 October 2014

The Rangers Badge Mystery

by Alex Oliver | Contributor

Dave King’s statement tonight launched a scathing critique of what he believed to be obstructions in his attempt to seek control of Rangers Football Club. 

Something which jumped out at me more than anything was the following part: "...given the present concerns from supporters that Mr Ashley is using his shareholder status to put pressure on the board to alienate the rights and trade mark of the club in favour of his personal interest." 

It got me thinking, something in this area has changed since the beginning of the season. The observant will have noticed the 'scroll crest' has now taken precedence over the traditional 'Ready' crest. 

Given all that has gone on and various whispers of image rights and naming rights being sold for a pittance, it would surely be naïve to suggest that it is simply re-branding. I have collated several examples of where things have changed.

Dave King Statement re Rangers Negotiations

It is appropriate that I give feedback to the Rangers fans before departing for South Africa.

Over the last few weeks Paul Murray, George Letham and myself have constructively engaged the Rangers board and (at the request of the board) Sandy Easdale regarding our proposal to invest 16 million into the club as soon as is practically possible. When investing in any public company there are numerous regulatory and compliance requirements that have to be dealt with. There are also SFA compliance issues that arise when investing in a football club in Scotland.

An obvious further complication in Rangers case is the seeming lack of authority of the Rangers board to make decisions without reference to key shareholders who appear to be “the power behind the throne”.

17 October 2014

The Rangers Memory Lane - Part 1

by Ross EJ Hendry | Guest Contributor

Our good friend from Toronto, Mr Ross EJ  Hendry, brings you the first in a series of trips down Rangers memory lane. First up...Celtic 2, Rangers 4 - January 1994.

09 October 2014

08 October 2014

Never a Dull Day Round Ibrox Way

by Ross McAdam | Contributor

Another day, another new drama in the Rangers story. We awoke to the news this morning that Mike Ashley, through his investment vehicle MASH holdings has called an EGM to remove Graham Wallace and Philip Nash from their positions. 

I suspect that Ashley won’t be forthcoming on his reasons for this move given he very rarely talks to the media. It is an open secret that the boardroom at Ibrox is split and that this move will remove the two individuals who appear to favour investment from Dave King whilst the Easdale proxy, including Blue Pitch and Margarita, appear to favour investment from Mike Ashley.

07 October 2014

Rangers-stupid Blogger Memes, Ranked

by Shane Nicholson | Executive Editor

You've read them all, or maybe you haven't. Hopefully you haven't.

But the Donegal Axis of Cunt® and their similarly ill-informed counterparts, with shortarse PR men sources in common, waxing poetic about anything Rangers have given us some absolutely ridiculous metaphors and themes over the past few years.

Here's the comprehensive ranking of stupidity in Rangers' writing available in the darkest corners of the interwebs:

Once, There Was a Donkey...

by Chris Graham | Contributor

Once, there was a donkey.

The donkey was content roaming around, being a donkey, but we here at the CRO felt that the donkey needed a home so we took it in, sheltered it, fed it lovely carrots and for a while the donkey was happy. But the donkey had a bit of an ego and the donkey was a bit gullible. The donkey believed in sky fairies and money trees and it soon became apparent that the donkey and the rest of the CRO stable could not get along.

A Club Missing a Footballing Philosophy

by John McIntosh | Guest Contributor

The Rangers Football Club of today is a club who plan as far ahead as the next game. Ally McCoist has told us many times there are reasons he doesn’t feel he can plan ahead for the future but nothing should be halting the much needed development of our once great club.

Ally said in an interview that he wishes us to follow Ajax or Porto’s model, which I agree with, I just don’t believe he ever believed what he was saying as his actions in his tenure prove he doesn’t trust youth enough whilst we have no scouts - which is a disgrace.

In the backwaters of Scottish football we simply can’t compete with the extravagant spending that happens at the top clubs in Europe’s top leagues due to TV rights and prize money.

02 October 2014

Just Why Did Ashley Increase His Stake in RFC?

by Garry Carmody | Contributor

When Mike Ashley's name was first mentioned as an investor in RIFC, it took many by surprise.

From the bright lights of the Premiership and Newcastle United, what coaxed him to participate in Rangers' IPO back in December 2012? Where was the interest coming from to involve himself with Charles Green and co?

However, with the use of hindsight, it has become very clear as to what Mike Ashley had his eyes set on, and it is now evident that he has possibly been the smartest player in this game of Monopoly: Rangers Edition.