07 October 2014

Rangers-stupid Blogger Memes, Ranked

by Shane Nicholson | Executive Editor

You've read them all, or maybe you haven't. Hopefully you haven't.

But the Donegal Axis of Cunt® and their similarly ill-informed counterparts, with shortarse PR men sources in common, waxing poetic about anything Rangers have given us some absolutely ridiculous metaphors and themes over the past few years.

Here's the comprehensive ranking of stupidity in Rangers' writing available in the darkest corners of the interwebs:

20. Sevco

19. Admin II (in general)

18. Boardroom War

17. Dave King is skint

16. New club

15. The

14. Admin II (imminent)

13. Nazis

12. Hospital beds

11. People have lost jobs (does not apply to actual Rangers employees)

10. I have it on good authority/Well-placed sources say

9. Racehorses

8. As I blogged recently

7. Craig Whyte, ad infinitum

6. Rebels

5. Bullshit billionaire

4. 9/11

3. Right of reply

2. No-nonsense style

1. Allegedly