11 December 2015

Arnold Peralta | 1989-2015

Arnold Peralta was killed Thursday in his hometown of La Ceiba, Honduras. He was 26.

10 December 2015

Sacrificial Llambias

Woe is Derek Llambias, Rangers' former chief executive who definitely wasn't put there just to make sure Mike Ashley could keep doing whatever the fuck he wanted. It was all down to his work ethic, you see? Business acumen and whatnot.

Which is sad really when you consider just how dire he was at carrying out his duties, at least from a strictly duty-bound sense. Sure, he may be good at the helm of a tank brigade, but we've all seen how timid he is in dealing with the breakneck world of airport terminals.

26 November 2015

Football fans with dementia - why reminiscence can be a beautiful thing

by Helena Gray | Guest Contributor

I have been working in dementia care for five years now.

Within this I’m going to talk about some of the Rangers fans I’ve met along the way and the memories they’ve shared with me. It wasn’t until the last three years that I started taking an interest in reminiscence and there’s so much to say about it - I could go on for days but today I’d like to focus on football fans.

Three years ago, working in a care home in Possilpark, I met Billy - a lifelong Rangers fan who also had an interest in junior football. He was a resident of the care home and had dementia. Originally from the southside of Glasgow he found himself in our care after his diagnosis. 

I was a care assistant at the time so there wasn’t always time to sit and talk about his memories but when I got a chance to, the things he came away with were fascinating. I’m sure everyone reading this is no stranger to the term “AMF” - Against Modern Football. The older generation are the one’s who really did have every other Saturday as their half day off and stood on the terraces watching their team play.

24 November 2015

Scotland needs to transform how it thinks about football - on and off the park

by Jordan Campbell | Guest Contributor

You wouldn't know it, but Scotland was once a proud footballing nation. 

Boasting a Premier League of indistinguishable quality to that of our English counterparts and producing players capable of performing on the continent was nothing out of the ordinary, it was to be expected. After listening to some of the rhetoric this week however, it's hard to believe it was ever the case.

Scotland may be viewed as England's poor relatives nowadays, but bloated finances and astronomical TV deals dictates that. Producing complete footballers and successful teams will always be within our own hands though.

23 November 2015

CRO At-large: Football united in the face of terror

by Simon Chadwick | Coventry University

The beautiful game, the global game, the people’s game – football. This great sport belongs to everyone and it unites us all.

The world’s favourite sport has enabled me to engage with so many remarkable people; it is a topic that we inevitably and irresistibly return to. My Saudi Arabian friend normally wants to ruminate on why Liverpool are not as good as they used to be. My Brazilian friend is forever telling me about “the next Pele”. My Russian friend constantly moans about how CSKA Moscow always let him down.

11 November 2015

Rangers History: Rangers Great War Effort

Over on our Rangers History page, our resident historian Gary Havlin looks back at Rangers Great War Effort.

What motivating factors are at play when a player considers signing for a club?

by Alex Oliver | Contributor

Given the recent fall out in recent days over ‘advantages gained’ by Rangers use of an Employee Benefit Trust (EBT), Scottish football fans believe that Rangers players gained an advantage through the use of EBTs.

Rangers acted legally - and that’s important to note. I’ll spare further detail as it’s been discussed by many everywhere else.

The way in which many of the media are shouting you would think Rangers were implementing a systemic use of a performance enhancing drug. In fact, they have made that comparison. Parallels have been drawn with Lance Armstrong. Let’s just take a moment to put this in perspective. Performance enhancing drugs cause bodily changes. The changes subsequently help an athlete achieve that marginal gain - so often the difference between success and failure.

10 November 2015

Rules, morals and affordability

by James Black | Guest Contributor

The demands to strip Rangers of trophies are growing by the day. Small groups of fans of several Scottish clubs are taking to social media to demand "justice" be done and Rangers be stripped of all trophies won during the 'EBT years' between 2001 & 2010. 

A few high profile journalists have jumped on the bandwagon too, with Channel Four's Alex Thomson leading the charge.

09 November 2015

An idiot's guide to Lord Nimmo Smith's 2013 ruling

by Scott Ferguson | Guest Contributor

We heard a cannon the other day at Ibrox – a rather large BOOM it made too.

TOMOblog Alex Thomson tried to recreate it today – alas I couldn’t help picture a cartoon cannon with a little flag with ‘BOOM’ come flapping out the end.

His attention seeking blast at Rangers is another attempt to put himself at the forefront of this story – a place he hasn’t been since it began back in the day of yore. Day late Alex has continuously been at the back of the line chasing his own tail trying to get the exclusive that one of the rags had the day before.

All gave some, some gave all - Remembrance Day in Scottish football

by Calvin Campbell | Contributor

As the stands emptied once more at Ibrox Park and the fans made tracks for home, I’m sure that the lasting impressions left upon them on Saturday will extend beyond the clinical performance played out before them by an invigorated Rangers. 

The football was a beautiful sight to behold, but so too were the excellent Remembrance displays orchestrated before kick-off in both the Sandy Jardine and Broomloan stands.

The Rangers faithful have always strongly supported the annual Remembrance Day occasion and also the brave men and women enlisted in our military all year round. There is always a great sense of poignancy when the coloured cards are held aloft, turning the blue sea of Ibrox red, white and black in the name of the few, who are owed so much by so many. 

08 November 2015

A quick word on "financial doping"

by Dougie Wright | Guest Contributor

It’s a cold winter’s night in the East End of Glasgow. Temperatures have plummeted and a stiff breeze swirls around the Parkhead car park.

However, that has failed to dampen the cheer of the small group of supporters who turned up on 1st February 2010.

“Absolutely magic! That’s just won us the league so it has.”

06 November 2015

The return of stripping titles, the TOMOblog and more

by Scott Ferguson | Guest Contributor

I tried to restrain myself – I wasn't going to do it.

I haven't written an opinion piece on anything Rangers for quite a while. I had moved on. Writing frequently for WATP Magazine, I was enjoying focusing on football. Having interviews with the likes of Sir David Weir, Andy Little, even Kenny Shiels!

I was having fun chatting about the magic hats and disrespectful moments of brilliance on the pitch.

Then. Kaboom!

As if I had received a swift bite from Ciftci my ears began to bleed.

05 November 2015

BTC: You can have your own opinion, not your own facts

by Andy McKellar | Editor Emeritus

The bizarre world of Scottish football has once again been enveloped with the kind of hysteria and hyperbole that accompanies just about any Rangers-related story these days after it was announced yesterday that HM Revenue & Customs had been successful in their appeal in what has become known as the “big tax case."

This was a significant victory for HMRC, though not as significant as it has proved to be for those moon-howlers who have been shouting about cheating Sevco zombies – or something of that ilk – for the past few years. They confuse themselves at the best of times.

Tax case seems lost, but what exactly was the sporting advantage?

by James Black | Guest Contributor

The taxman finally won.

After years of going to and fro with investigations and appeals HMRC finally received a judgement in their favour at the Court of Session yesterday.

The masses were right. Rangers had cheated the public purse. Sir David Murray, who the claim was ultimately against, and BDO could still appeal the decision to the Supreme Court however either party are yet to comment on their next move.

03 November 2015

Building an optimal talent environment can only be good for Rangers

by Alex Oliver | Contributor

As you can probably guess from the title, I definitely categorise myself in the nurture camp in the nature vs nurture debate for talent development in a sporting context. To write someone off before you have even put them through a training programme is simply ignorant. 

For example, the idea of a ‘Jamaican sprint gene’ or a ‘Kenyan distance running gene’ falls apart when the same gene is highlighted in tens of millions of other people around the globe.

Thus, there must be something special about their training environments.

CRO At-large: Looking behind the data in a misleading cost-of-football survey

Sometimes we publish stuff we find interesting about football at-large. Here is one of those stories, from Christopher Kirkland, Teaching Associate at the University of Sheffield.

The BBC released its Cost of Football Study last month and the headlines look positive for fans. But there are holes in the research which leave us wondering if there really is an improving picture in a country where even the cheapest season ticket in the fifth tier of football – at Eastleigh – is more expensive than comparable tickets for European heavyweights Bayern Munich.

The BBC’s upbeat conclusion has its problems, and for (at least) the second year running the study is methodologically weak.

02 November 2015

Re: Phil's Latest Dilutions

Something is horribly amiss, dear reader.

It seems the Donegal Blogger has uncovered a scoop The People must surely see is unimpeachable in its veracity.

Yes, it appears that a certain young chap has been tapped by the New Regime for their PR purposes, certainly a response to our finances no longer being on the Level.

Rather remarkably, this is Mr Macgiollabhain's second piece of succulent stenography on a rather mundane statement since Saturday.

Times must be slow for one of the NUJ's finest.

For this, of course, is just his most recent effort in stirring up fears over Dave King's coming to Stalag Sevco for regular board meetings, common business, etc.

You know, being the Chairman of the New Regime.

19 October 2015

Fernando Ricksen launches his very own magazine

by Pamela Aalbers | Guest Contributor

On the 14th of October, Fernando Ricksen received the first issue of his own glossy magazine in The Netherlands.

Surrounded by the Dutch media, the Dutch football icon Willem van Hanegem handed the first issue to Fernando.

30 September 2015

As Champions League carries on, an earthquake in sports rights could be next

by Raymond Boyle | University of Glasgow

“Where there’s passion, there’s profit” was a phrase coined by Alex Fynn, the original architect of what would become the UEFA Champions League competition back in 1992. How right he was.

As Europe’s 32 leading clubs march through the group stages of an annual journey that will end with the champions being crowned at the San Siro in Milan next May, no one could have predicted the spectacular success and financial growth of the competition all those years ago.

24 September 2015

Sorry, Charlie

Charles Green wants Rangers to pay for his defence. Charles Green should read the documents he helped put together before getting on his high horse.*

*Sources cannot confirm if said high horse is called "Ibrox."

14 September 2015

Weekend at Sevco

Occasionally you are stunned by a piece of writing. Moved to tears, whether from laughter or the gut wrenching truth it provides. Today, we can add another to the list of the Rangers canon, an epic effort clocking in at over 6900 words comparing the death of The Rangers and the rise of Der Sevco to – wait for it – 1989's Ted Kotcheff directed Weekend at Bernie's.

02 September 2015

Innocent Until Proven Guilty?

by Andy McKellar | Editor Emeritus

The calamitous turmoil of Rangers Football Club’s recent past will not quietly pass into distant memory it would appear. Arrests were made Tuesday in connection with the alleged fraudulent acquisition in 2012 and charges were filed against Craig Whyte, Charles Green – both of whom face organised crime charges – and David Whitehouse, joint-administrator for Duff & Phelps. His counterpart Paul Clark was added to the arrest roll Wednesday.

04 August 2015

Read the entire Rangers News: Vol. 1

Over on our Rangers History site, we've put together the first edition of the old Rangers News, which appeared on newsstands today 44 years ago!

03 August 2015

SPFL responds to RST request for comment over McLaughlin receiving delegate's report

by Shane Nicholson | Executive Editor

As the battle over the media bans of Chris McLaughlin and Graham Spiers waged on over the BBC's airwaves tonight, the Rangers Supporters Trust issued a statement detailing the response from the SPFL in regards to McLaughlin's acquiring a match delegate's report last Saturday.

Jim Spence needed more room to tell lies

01 August 2015

Graham Spiers is incapable of telling the truth about his ban from Ibrox

by Shane Nicholson | Executive Editor

Graham Spiers kicked off BBC Scotland's Off The Ball tonight discussing his ban from Ibrox with hosts Tam Cowan and Jane Lewis. It didn't take long for him to begin misrepresenting the facts around the reasons for his press access to Ibrox being lifted.

BBC Scotland refused to act over Rangers bias

by Chris Graham | Contributor

As the new season looms, and with it the hope of improved fortune on and off the pitch, a new attitude towards regular proponents of misinformation in the media has been adopted.

Press credentials were sent out this week and although the publications and broadcasters that use Graham Spiers will receive their usual allocations, they have been informed that the press passes they have been given cannot be used for the now freelance Spiers. They are free to send someone to cover games at Ibrox but Spiers will not be admitted. 

31 July 2015

Graham Spiers, Chris McLaughlin banned from Ibrox

by Shane Nicholson | Executive Editor

Not for the first time, though hopefully the last, Graham Spiers has been banned from working games at Ibrox, and this time has been joined by the BBC's Chris McLaughlin.

30 July 2015

Chris McLaughlin called to task by RST over match delegate report

by Shane Nicholson | Executive Editor

One of the sideline highlights of Rangers' 6-2 bashing of Hibs at the weekend was the BBC's Chris McLaughlin shooting his mouth off about info he'd received from match delegate George Douglas, who just happens to be the ex security supremo at Celtic Park.

24 July 2015

Alasdair Lamont learns of footballing morality

Whinging assbag Roy Greenslade sanitises facts to a new degree

Far be it from Roy to care about facts or media responsibility or anything resembling actual journalism...

by Shane Nicholson | Executive Editor

Whinging assbag Roy Greenslade got up on his Guardian-provided soapbox Friday morning (read at your own risk) to launch into a tirade on the Daily Record about their coverage of ex-Rangers defender Kirk Broadfoot's 10 match ban for sectarian abuse aimed at fellow whinging assbag James McLean.

23 June 2015

And again on our Rangers History site, Gary Havlin shares a piece from the 1954 Annual and some fantastic photos from the old Ibrox press galley. 

11 June 2015

RST Statement on Mike Ashley's Court Proceedings

"Today we have seen the absurd spectacle of Mike Ashley taking our club to court to stop the Rangers board from informing shareholders and fans about details of the Sports Direct contracts. This despite the fact that the board had already publicly stated they would not break those confidentiality agreements. At the same time Mr Ashley demands clarity from the board at an EGM called by him. It seems that Mr Ashley’s hypocrisy is matched only by his avarice.

10 June 2015

Next Rangers Manager: Delivering Success

by Alex Oliver | Contributor

The next manager of Rangers has perhaps the biggest rebuilding job in the history of the club- well since the opportunity was missed three years ago. But put that to one side, this is a blank canvas; eleven players have departed Ibrox with their contracts not up for renewal. The next manager will have to replace these players–and improve upon them too. So what will make the next manager successful? Of course signing new players will play a major role, but that is the bread and butter–successful football management runs far deeper than merely signing new players. This blog will offer some insight into what will make someone successful in football management.

King: Managing Expectations

by Garry Carmody | Contributor

Reaching such a level of notoriety, one may expect that the press conferences of Dave King may soon end up on pay-per-view television.

Further scrutiny has been placed upon his increasingly frequent trips to Glasgow. As chairman of the incomplete Rangers board, the onus still falls almost exclusively upon King to lead within the public eye until an executive team is put into place.

17 March 2015

Chris Graham - A Silver Lining

by Ally Brown | Guest Contributor

Rangers fans who have joined or supported the RST or Rangers First in recent years, championed fan representation on the board, or just hoped for some better engagement between the fans and board than Graham Wallace's failed "Ready To Listen" scheme, will be despondent at what has transpired this week at Ibrox with Chris Graham's appointment to the board and resignation just three days later.

But Rangers fans who have been asking for a board that prioritises transparency and accountability might be able to see a silver lining in the debacle.

13 March 2015

Mark McGivern, Reporter

"i'm obliged to seek a response from you before publication to allegations that you are an anti-Muslim bigot"

*posts allegation that target is an anti-Muslim bigot in a public forum prior to acquiring response for publication*

Standards in reporting for Mark McGivern, Reporter: optional.

11 March 2015

A Tale of Two Tom English's

Tom English, 2010:

'These people purported to defend the Pope's honour in the wake of the toxic e-mail sent from Dallas's computer at Hampden. These are people who jumped on the bandwagon by declaring themselves insulted and offended by the lampooning of the Holy Father, who demanded that Dallas be sacked for a supposed act of sectarianism that grossly disrespected their faith and the head of their church. On Friday, this righteous flock turned into a baying mob and in that moment we saw their duplicity in all its ugliness. For these people, the Dallas e-mail wasn't an affront, it was an opportunity, a chance to hound a man they have had a grudge against for years and an association they've harboured bitterness about for generations...
'It was not about them being offended by an e-mail or having had their faith insulted, it was now about "the fall of the Hun empire", about "Who's next to be sacked ye corrupt bastards?", about revelling in what guy called a "gloatastic day". In effect, they were using the Pope as a pawn in their game.'

Tom English, 2015:

02 March 2015

New Board Must Act Quick

by Jamie Currie | Guest Contributor

With the EGM all but won with David Somers’ resignation, it will be the period that succeeds the General Meeting that will be at the forefront of the minds of the Rangers support.

The on-field situation now looks as bleak as the off-field circus of the past four years so Dave King and his new board will have to act – and fast.

25 February 2015

More Boudicca, now via post!

By Shane Nicholson | Executive Editor

We keep talking about this Boudicca lot as they are endlessly entertaining.

Now they're bringing their special degree of consultation skills to your post box!

24 February 2015

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

by Garry Carmody | Contributor

Call it the historian or the masochist in me, but every day I look back at what was happening in the Rangers saga on the same date in previous years.

The script is generally grim and the cast reads for a 'who's who' of some of the most tainted and disgraced figures in the history of this club. 24th February 2014 - Rangers entered into two credit facilities with Laxey Partners and the Easdales. 24th February 2012 - Ally McCoist reacted to the news that Craig Whyte had sold the club's historic shares in Arsenal. And that's a fairly quiet day. In the age of pain-inflicted stimulation being all the rage, this is "50 Shades of Blue".

Boudicca Back on the Phones

By Shane Nicholson | Executive Editor

ICYMI, last week we talked about Boudicca Proxy Services, who have been contracted on behalf of the board to call Rangers shareholders and try to sway them to maintain the status quo.

Well, they're back again! And now it's not just Alex Caldwell manning the phone lines.

David is behind the mic on this most recent call where he gets a dressing down from a supporter.

20 February 2015

Board contracts with Boudicca Proxy Consultants in bid to influence fans

By Shane Nicholson | Executive Editor

How low can the board go to maintain their grasp on Rangers?

Just this low.

16 February 2015

Rangers Fans Board Meeting Minutes

Date: Wednesday, February 11, 2015
Time: 7:00 – 10:00 pm GMT
Location: 1st Floor Boardroom, Argyll House, Glasgow (and WebEx video conference)

Invited Attendees:

Fans Board:
Alison Clark-Dick, Christine Murdoch, Gary Gillan, William Gillan, William Paterson, William Findlay, Robert Callaghan, Tom Clements, Alan Fraser, Zia Islam, Tom Johnstone* (Tom had connection issues throughout the meeting)

Jim Hannah, Derek Llambias, Barry Leach

08 February 2015

Growing the Brand™

Mike Ashley: Master of retail.

EGM Guide

by Ross McAdam | Contributor

The long-awaited EGM is to be held on Wednesday 4th March in London. 

For those who bought shares in the IPO you will receive an attendance card in the post from Capita. Once you receive this you should either vote as per the instructions on the card and send it back to the stated address or proxy your vote to somebody such as the RST. The RST will vote on your behalf and have detailed instructions on how to do so here.

20 January 2015

Re: Sandy Easdale's shareholding

Firstly, we'll apologize for being slow on content and podcasts lately. The holidays take it out of all of us.

Now to the business:

Despite headlines popping up from Jack Irvine's emails being regurgitated, Sandy Easdale's shareholding (via proxy, etc) has decreased from 26.15% to 26.123%, as per the LSE.

You will soon be bombarded with blogs and stories trying to paint him as the sole knight riding in to save Rangers; he is a (prior) convicted felon who can't even sit on the PLC board and whose desperate grasp on everything we hold dear is weakening.

Typically when you swap the deck chairs on a sinking ship you do so to make yourself look better. In Sandy's case, and despite the best PR money can buy, he's even fucked this one.

Back the people trying to save the Club, not those trying to save their seats in the Directors' Box.

New podcast coming for you on Wednesday. We'll resume normal programming accordingly.


09 January 2015

Rangers Retail - The Uncomfortable Truth

by Iain Nicol and Ross EJ Hendry | Guest Contributors 

As with almost every aspect of the ongoing Rangers saga (WHEN WILL IT END? PLEASE LET IT END!) there has been copious amounts of scrutiny and conjecture levelled at the joint venture between Sports Direct and RFCL - known as Rangers Retail.

Interestingly enough this was one of the first orders of business that Charles Green and his team put in place. The two parties entered into the agreement just 47 days after Green acquired control of the football club. It is incredible that major decisions on such an integral part of the Club's financial future were being taken in such short order. 

Of course, Charles had a severe bout of Rangersitis at that point. And, it is reasonable to assume that Mr Ashley was made a promise in return for his taking an initial three million shares and 8.98 per cent stake in RFCL. Incredible, because there is simply no way that; one - this deal is a good one for Rangers and two - this was the only option the Club had.