20 January 2015

Re: Sandy Easdale's shareholding

Firstly, we'll apologize for being slow on content and podcasts lately. The holidays take it out of all of us.

Now to the business:

Despite headlines popping up from Jack Irvine's emails being regurgitated, Sandy Easdale's shareholding (via proxy, etc) has decreased from 26.15% to 26.123%, as per the LSE.

You will soon be bombarded with blogs and stories trying to paint him as the sole knight riding in to save Rangers; he is a (prior) convicted felon who can't even sit on the PLC board and whose desperate grasp on everything we hold dear is weakening.

Typically when you swap the deck chairs on a sinking ship you do so to make yourself look better. In Sandy's case, and despite the best PR money can buy, he's even fucked this one.

Back the people trying to save the Club, not those trying to save their seats in the Directors' Box.

New podcast coming for you on Wednesday. We'll resume normal programming accordingly.


09 January 2015

Rangers Retail - The Uncomfortable Truth

by Iain Nicol and Ross EJ Hendry | Guest Contributors 

As with almost every aspect of the ongoing Rangers saga (WHEN WILL IT END? PLEASE LET IT END!) there has been copious amounts of scrutiny and conjecture levelled at the joint venture between Sports Direct and RFCL - known as Rangers Retail.

Interestingly enough this was one of the first orders of business that Charles Green and his team put in place. The two parties entered into the agreement just 47 days after Green acquired control of the football club. It is incredible that major decisions on such an integral part of the Club's financial future were being taken in such short order. 

Of course, Charles had a severe bout of Rangersitis at that point. And, it is reasonable to assume that Mr Ashley was made a promise in return for his taking an initial three million shares and 8.98 per cent stake in RFCL. Incredible, because there is simply no way that; one - this deal is a good one for Rangers and two - this was the only option the Club had.