24 February 2015

Boudicca Back on the Phones

By Shane Nicholson | Executive Editor

ICYMI, last week we talked about Boudicca Proxy Services, who have been contracted on behalf of the board to call Rangers shareholders and try to sway them to maintain the status quo.

Well, they're back again! And now it's not just Alex Caldwell manning the phone lines.

David is behind the mic on this most recent call where he gets a dressing down from a supporter.

Sadly, Boudicca are so proud of the services they offer and the people they've contracted with that they've pulled all of their employee bios from their page. Everything is now just redirecting to the home page.

Apparently it's okay for Boudicca to ring up Rangers shareholders/supporters but not okay for us to phone them.

We reached out to Boudicca and Chairman David Somers for comment last week as well as clarification as to whether or not it was the Club paying for these services or the individual members of the board. Neither party have gotten back to us.

Once again, if you receive a call from someone representing the board asking your voting intentions for the upcoming EGM be aware they are recording you. Feel free to record the call yourself and pass it along to us: shane@thecoplandroad.org.

By the way, Boudicca-people, if you want to scrub your website of any measure for us to track you down you need to delete all associated files, not just the pages they're linked to. If you need a PR guy to help you to those ends we know just the one.