25 February 2015

More Boudicca, now via post!

By Shane Nicholson | Executive Editor

We keep talking about this Boudicca lot as they are endlessly entertaining.

Now they're bringing their special degree of consultation skills to your post box!

That's right, the phones aren't enough; Boudicca has to piss away what is surely Rangers' money (which we'll be paying back Mike Ashley in short order) on these lovely and informative print outs:

It's such a pity James Easdale resigned as he "has never taken any remuneration from the Company for his role." From the Company. The Company. So who was paying him? Ah yes...

And not for the first time, Oor Jimmy Hodor is victim to well-paid consultants who can't spell his name right. Either that or a "James Easedale" has ascended to the board. He probably owns an Indian cricket league or has a brother who sets fire to caravans.

Btw, David Dando has been in touch to tell us he doesn't actually work at Boudicca, although his phrasing could use some work (common thread for this lot):

"Please be advised that you have the wrong person at Boudicca," says David, who is either not at Boudicca or is the wrong David at Boudicca. Let's find out.

"I have not been associated with Boudicca for two years and certainly did not make any calls on their behalf."

So there we have it. Sorry, David. Work on your messaging a bit.