17 March 2015

Chris Graham - A Silver Lining

by Ally Brown | Guest Contributor

Rangers fans who have joined or supported the RST or Rangers First in recent years, championed fan representation on the board, or just hoped for some better engagement between the fans and board than Graham Wallace's failed "Ready To Listen" scheme, will be despondent at what has transpired this week at Ibrox with Chris Graham's appointment to the board and resignation just three days later.

But Rangers fans who have been asking for a board that prioritises transparency and accountability might be able to see a silver lining in the debacle.

13 March 2015

Mark McGivern, Reporter

"i'm obliged to seek a response from you before publication to allegations that you are an anti-Muslim bigot"

*posts allegation that target is an anti-Muslim bigot in a public forum prior to acquiring response for publication*

Standards in reporting for Mark McGivern, Reporter: optional.

11 March 2015

A Tale of Two Tom English's

Tom English, 2010:

'These people purported to defend the Pope's honour in the wake of the toxic e-mail sent from Dallas's computer at Hampden. These are people who jumped on the bandwagon by declaring themselves insulted and offended by the lampooning of the Holy Father, who demanded that Dallas be sacked for a supposed act of sectarianism that grossly disrespected their faith and the head of their church. On Friday, this righteous flock turned into a baying mob and in that moment we saw their duplicity in all its ugliness. For these people, the Dallas e-mail wasn't an affront, it was an opportunity, a chance to hound a man they have had a grudge against for years and an association they've harboured bitterness about for generations...
'It was not about them being offended by an e-mail or having had their faith insulted, it was now about "the fall of the Hun empire", about "Who's next to be sacked ye corrupt bastards?", about revelling in what guy called a "gloatastic day". In effect, they were using the Pope as a pawn in their game.'

Tom English, 2015:

02 March 2015

New Board Must Act Quick

by Jamie Currie | Guest Contributor

With the EGM all but won with David Somers’ resignation, it will be the period that succeeds the General Meeting that will be at the forefront of the minds of the Rangers support.

The on-field situation now looks as bleak as the off-field circus of the past four years so Dave King and his new board will have to act – and fast.