23 June 2015

And again on our Rangers History site, Gary Havlin shares a piece from the 1954 Annual and some fantastic photos from the old Ibrox press galley. 

11 June 2015

RST Statement on Mike Ashley's Court Proceedings

"Today we have seen the absurd spectacle of Mike Ashley taking our club to court to stop the Rangers board from informing shareholders and fans about details of the Sports Direct contracts. This despite the fact that the board had already publicly stated they would not break those confidentiality agreements. At the same time Mr Ashley demands clarity from the board at an EGM called by him. It seems that Mr Ashley’s hypocrisy is matched only by his avarice.

10 June 2015

Next Rangers Manager: Delivering Success

by Alex Oliver | Contributor

The next manager of Rangers has perhaps the biggest rebuilding job in the history of the club- well since the opportunity was missed three years ago. But put that to one side, this is a blank canvas; eleven players have departed Ibrox with their contracts not up for renewal. The next manager will have to replace these players–and improve upon them too. So what will make the next manager successful? Of course signing new players will play a major role, but that is the bread and butter–successful football management runs far deeper than merely signing new players. This blog will offer some insight into what will make someone successful in football management.

King: Managing Expectations

by Garry Carmody | Contributor

Reaching such a level of notoriety, one may expect that the press conferences of Dave King may soon end up on pay-per-view television.

Further scrutiny has been placed upon his increasingly frequent trips to Glasgow. As chairman of the incomplete Rangers board, the onus still falls almost exclusively upon King to lead within the public eye until an executive team is put into place.