31 July 2015

Graham Spiers, Chris McLaughlin banned from Ibrox

by Shane Nicholson | Executive Editor

Not for the first time, though hopefully the last, Graham Spiers has been banned from working games at Ibrox, and this time has been joined by the BBC's Chris McLaughlin.

30 July 2015

Chris McLaughlin called to task by RST over match delegate report

by Shane Nicholson | Executive Editor

One of the sideline highlights of Rangers' 6-2 bashing of Hibs at the weekend was the BBC's Chris McLaughlin shooting his mouth off about info he'd received from match delegate George Douglas, who just happens to be the ex security supremo at Celtic Park.

24 July 2015

Alasdair Lamont learns of footballing morality

Whinging assbag Roy Greenslade sanitises facts to a new degree

Far be it from Roy to care about facts or media responsibility or anything resembling actual journalism...

by Shane Nicholson | Executive Editor

Whinging assbag Roy Greenslade got up on his Guardian-provided soapbox Friday morning (read at your own risk) to launch into a tirade on the Daily Record about their coverage of ex-Rangers defender Kirk Broadfoot's 10 match ban for sectarian abuse aimed at fellow whinging assbag James McLean.