24 July 2015

Whinging assbag Roy Greenslade sanitises facts to a new degree

Far be it from Roy to care about facts or media responsibility or anything resembling actual journalism...

by Shane Nicholson | Executive Editor

Whinging assbag Roy Greenslade got up on his Guardian-provided soapbox Friday morning (read at your own risk) to launch into a tirade on the Daily Record about their coverage of ex-Rangers defender Kirk Broadfoot's 10 match ban for sectarian abuse aimed at fellow whinging assbag James McLean.

Roy's issues with the Record's coverage seems to boil down to: 1) they didn't mention that the abuse was of a sectarian nature until the third paragraph of their second run of the story once the full FA report had come out because speculating on such a thing is absolutely daft and the kind of shit that gets editors fired which Roy would know except he's never worked in a real editorial environment because he skates by on handout positions like this from his friends allowing him to fail upward for an entire career; and 2) .............. no, that's about it. There isn't a second point.

Of course Roy in his Media Blogger Supremo ways made sure that the accompanying photo for his worthless and overtly obvious piece showed Broadfoot in a Rangers shirt. From 2011. We would note that Rotherham United defender Kirk Broadfoot hasn't worked for Rangers since 2012. That didn't stop ol' Roy, no sir.

I can imagine that finding a more recent picture of Broadfoot in a press room the quality of the Guardian's could be a challenge. Resources annat. Amazingly we here at the CRO were able to scour the archives and come up with a few.


All this aside–"this" being Roy's transparent as fuck objective that for some reason the Guardian still lets go on unabated for years–if you scroll all the way through the pile of hot garbage he churned out, surely fighting a Friday morning hangover, you get to what is undoubtedly the best bits:

Yep, that's a sub-editor stepping in at the last moment to point out that Roy's own Guardian failed to mention the sectarian bit as well, plus a name check for Phil's fifth- or sixth- or seventh-estate blog. It's worth noting here that when it became clear to Phil that everyone knew (and had known) that particular corner of bullshit on the internet was his that he closed the Twitter account down and set about deleting a mountain of tweets just a week ago. Yes, there is a place where Phil produces even crazier bullshit than he does on his main blog.

Anyway, this has been the latest in blinder wearing whinging assbag Roy Greenslade's brilliant run at the Guardian.
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