01 August 2015

Graham Spiers is incapable of telling the truth about his ban from Ibrox

by Shane Nicholson | Executive Editor

Graham Spiers kicked off BBC Scotland's Off The Ball tonight discussing his ban from Ibrox with hosts Tam Cowan and Jane Lewis. It didn't take long for him to begin misrepresenting the facts around the reasons for his press access to Ibrox being lifted.

Spiers claimed that he, "had a very civilised conversation with Paul Murray yesterday, who seemed as much in the dark about (the ban) as I was" and that, "Rangers have been very vague as to why it is."

Odd given that the CRO was informed that BBC Scotland as well as all publications the freelancer Spiers writes for were given very specific reasons as to why his press privileges at Ibrox have been revoked. The mystery only seems to persist in the mind of Spiers and his colleagues currently on the air.

In addition, following Spiers' comments on the air this afternoon, sources told us that he had not reached out to Murray in regards to his ban, but instead had established contact under the false pretense of working on an unrelated story about the Rangers' director.

Spiers continued, "I must admit I've not paid my way into Ibrox for 25 years," before later claiming, "I hadn't had any press privileges at Ibrox, or a press card, for three years." Rangers staff, however, confirmed that Spiers had worked at Ibrox as recent as the last campaign, and bylines on his reports, as we showed Friday, back that up.

Again, this seems to come down to the "I've not been a beat-reporter" line Spiers has tossed about since his ban came down, which is entirely accurate. However, he has worked games at Ibrox in the past three years, and if he didn't pay his way in as he claims then it goes without saying that his access was granted as a member of the media.

Not for the first time, Graham Spiers is caught bang to rights lying about Rangers.