30 September 2015

As Champions League carries on, an earthquake in sports rights could be next

by Raymond Boyle | University of Glasgow

“Where there’s passion, there’s profit” was a phrase coined by Alex Fynn, the original architect of what would become the UEFA Champions League competition back in 1992. How right he was.

As Europe’s 32 leading clubs march through the group stages of an annual journey that will end with the champions being crowned at the San Siro in Milan next May, no one could have predicted the spectacular success and financial growth of the competition all those years ago.

24 September 2015

Sorry, Charlie

Charles Green wants Rangers to pay for his defence. Charles Green should read the documents he helped put together before getting on his high horse.*

*Sources cannot confirm if said high horse is called "Ibrox."

14 September 2015

Weekend at Sevco

Occasionally you are stunned by a piece of writing. Moved to tears, whether from laughter or the gut wrenching truth it provides. Today, we can add another to the list of the Rangers canon, an epic effort clocking in at over 6900 words comparing the death of The Rangers and the rise of Der Sevco to – wait for it – 1989's Ted Kotcheff directed Weekend at Bernie's.

02 September 2015

Innocent Until Proven Guilty?

by Andy McKellar | Editor Emeritus

The calamitous turmoil of Rangers Football Club’s recent past will not quietly pass into distant memory it would appear. Arrests were made Tuesday in connection with the alleged fraudulent acquisition in 2012 and charges were filed against Craig Whyte, Charles Green – both of whom face organised crime charges – and David Whitehouse, joint-administrator for Duff & Phelps. His counterpart Paul Clark was added to the arrest roll Wednesday.