26 November 2015

Football fans with dementia - why reminiscence can be a beautiful thing

by Helena Gray | Guest Contributor

I have been working in dementia care for five years now.

Within this I’m going to talk about some of the Rangers fans I’ve met along the way and the memories they’ve shared with me. It wasn’t until the last three years that I started taking an interest in reminiscence and there’s so much to say about it - I could go on for days but today I’d like to focus on football fans.

Three years ago, working in a care home in Possilpark, I met Billy - a lifelong Rangers fan who also had an interest in junior football. He was a resident of the care home and had dementia. Originally from the southside of Glasgow he found himself in our care after his diagnosis. 

I was a care assistant at the time so there wasn’t always time to sit and talk about his memories but when I got a chance to, the things he came away with were fascinating. I’m sure everyone reading this is no stranger to the term “AMF” - Against Modern Football. The older generation are the one’s who really did have every other Saturday as their half day off and stood on the terraces watching their team play.

24 November 2015

Scotland needs to transform how it thinks about football - on and off the park

by Jordan Campbell | Guest Contributor

You wouldn't know it, but Scotland was once a proud footballing nation. 

Boasting a Premier League of indistinguishable quality to that of our English counterparts and producing players capable of performing on the continent was nothing out of the ordinary, it was to be expected. After listening to some of the rhetoric this week however, it's hard to believe it was ever the case.

Scotland may be viewed as England's poor relatives nowadays, but bloated finances and astronomical TV deals dictates that. Producing complete footballers and successful teams will always be within our own hands though.

23 November 2015

CRO At-large: Football united in the face of terror

by Simon Chadwick | Coventry University

The beautiful game, the global game, the people’s game – football. This great sport belongs to everyone and it unites us all.

The world’s favourite sport has enabled me to engage with so many remarkable people; it is a topic that we inevitably and irresistibly return to. My Saudi Arabian friend normally wants to ruminate on why Liverpool are not as good as they used to be. My Brazilian friend is forever telling me about “the next Pele”. My Russian friend constantly moans about how CSKA Moscow always let him down.

11 November 2015

Rangers History: Rangers Great War Effort

Over on our Rangers History page, our resident historian Gary Havlin looks back at Rangers Great War Effort.

What motivating factors are at play when a player considers signing for a club?

by Alex Oliver | Contributor

Given the recent fall out in recent days over ‘advantages gained’ by Rangers use of an Employee Benefit Trust (EBT), Scottish football fans believe that Rangers players gained an advantage through the use of EBTs.

Rangers acted legally - and that’s important to note. I’ll spare further detail as it’s been discussed by many everywhere else.

The way in which many of the media are shouting you would think Rangers were implementing a systemic use of a performance enhancing drug. In fact, they have made that comparison. Parallels have been drawn with Lance Armstrong. Let’s just take a moment to put this in perspective. Performance enhancing drugs cause bodily changes. The changes subsequently help an athlete achieve that marginal gain - so often the difference between success and failure.

10 November 2015

Rules, morals and affordability

by James Black | Guest Contributor

The demands to strip Rangers of trophies are growing by the day. Small groups of fans of several Scottish clubs are taking to social media to demand "justice" be done and Rangers be stripped of all trophies won during the 'EBT years' between 2001 & 2010. 

A few high profile journalists have jumped on the bandwagon too, with Channel Four's Alex Thomson leading the charge.

09 November 2015

An idiot's guide to Lord Nimmo Smith's 2013 ruling

by Scott Ferguson | Guest Contributor

We heard a cannon the other day at Ibrox – a rather large BOOM it made too.

TOMOblog Alex Thomson tried to recreate it today – alas I couldn’t help picture a cartoon cannon with a little flag with ‘BOOM’ come flapping out the end.

His attention seeking blast at Rangers is another attempt to put himself at the forefront of this story – a place he hasn’t been since it began back in the day of yore. Day late Alex has continuously been at the back of the line chasing his own tail trying to get the exclusive that one of the rags had the day before.

All gave some, some gave all - Remembrance Day in Scottish football

by Calvin Campbell | Contributor

As the stands emptied once more at Ibrox Park and the fans made tracks for home, I’m sure that the lasting impressions left upon them on Saturday will extend beyond the clinical performance played out before them by an invigorated Rangers. 

The football was a beautiful sight to behold, but so too were the excellent Remembrance displays orchestrated before kick-off in both the Sandy Jardine and Broomloan stands.

The Rangers faithful have always strongly supported the annual Remembrance Day occasion and also the brave men and women enlisted in our military all year round. There is always a great sense of poignancy when the coloured cards are held aloft, turning the blue sea of Ibrox red, white and black in the name of the few, who are owed so much by so many. 

08 November 2015

A quick word on "financial doping"

by Dougie Wright | Guest Contributor

It’s a cold winter’s night in the East End of Glasgow. Temperatures have plummeted and a stiff breeze swirls around the Parkhead car park.

However, that has failed to dampen the cheer of the small group of supporters who turned up on 1st February 2010.

“Absolutely magic! That’s just won us the league so it has.”

06 November 2015

The return of stripping titles, the TOMOblog and more

by Scott Ferguson | Guest Contributor

I tried to restrain myself – I wasn't going to do it.

I haven't written an opinion piece on anything Rangers for quite a while. I had moved on. Writing frequently for WATP Magazine, I was enjoying focusing on football. Having interviews with the likes of Sir David Weir, Andy Little, even Kenny Shiels!

I was having fun chatting about the magic hats and disrespectful moments of brilliance on the pitch.

Then. Kaboom!

As if I had received a swift bite from Ciftci my ears began to bleed.

05 November 2015

BTC: You can have your own opinion, not your own facts

by Andy McKellar | Editor Emeritus

The bizarre world of Scottish football has once again been enveloped with the kind of hysteria and hyperbole that accompanies just about any Rangers-related story these days after it was announced yesterday that HM Revenue & Customs had been successful in their appeal in what has become known as the “big tax case."

This was a significant victory for HMRC, though not as significant as it has proved to be for those moon-howlers who have been shouting about cheating Sevco zombies – or something of that ilk – for the past few years. They confuse themselves at the best of times.

Tax case seems lost, but what exactly was the sporting advantage?

by James Black | Guest Contributor

The taxman finally won.

After years of going to and fro with investigations and appeals HMRC finally received a judgement in their favour at the Court of Session yesterday.

The masses were right. Rangers had cheated the public purse. Sir David Murray, who the claim was ultimately against, and BDO could still appeal the decision to the Supreme Court however either party are yet to comment on their next move.

03 November 2015

Building an optimal talent environment can only be good for Rangers

by Alex Oliver | Contributor

As you can probably guess from the title, I definitely categorise myself in the nurture camp in the nature vs nurture debate for talent development in a sporting context. To write someone off before you have even put them through a training programme is simply ignorant. 

For example, the idea of a ‘Jamaican sprint gene’ or a ‘Kenyan distance running gene’ falls apart when the same gene is highlighted in tens of millions of other people around the globe.

Thus, there must be something special about their training environments.

CRO At-large: Looking behind the data in a misleading cost-of-football survey

Sometimes we publish stuff we find interesting about football at-large. Here is one of those stories, from Christopher Kirkland, Teaching Associate at the University of Sheffield.

The BBC released its Cost of Football Study last month and the headlines look positive for fans. But there are holes in the research which leave us wondering if there really is an improving picture in a country where even the cheapest season ticket in the fifth tier of football – at Eastleigh – is more expensive than comparable tickets for European heavyweights Bayern Munich.

The BBC’s upbeat conclusion has its problems, and for (at least) the second year running the study is methodologically weak.

02 November 2015

Re: Phil's Latest Dilutions

Something is horribly amiss, dear reader.

It seems the Donegal Blogger has uncovered a scoop The People must surely see is unimpeachable in its veracity.

Yes, it appears that a certain young chap has been tapped by the New Regime for their PR purposes, certainly a response to our finances no longer being on the Level.

Rather remarkably, this is Mr Macgiollabhain's second piece of succulent stenography on a rather mundane statement since Saturday.

Times must be slow for one of the NUJ's finest.

For this, of course, is just his most recent effort in stirring up fears over Dave King's coming to Stalag Sevco for regular board meetings, common business, etc.

You know, being the Chairman of the New Regime.