02 November 2015

Re: Phil's Latest Dilutions

Something is horribly amiss, dear reader.

It seems the Donegal Blogger has uncovered a scoop The People must surely see is unimpeachable in its veracity.

Yes, it appears that a certain young chap has been tapped by the New Regime for their PR purposes, certainly a response to our finances no longer being on the Level.

Rather remarkably, this is Mr Macgiollabhain's second piece of succulent stenography on a rather mundane statement since Saturday.

Times must be slow for one of the NUJ's finest.

For this, of course, is just his most recent effort in stirring up fears over Dave King's coming to Stalag Sevco for regular board meetings, common business, etc.

You know, being the Chairman of the New Regime.

Phil hath claimed – one grammar-adverse sentence at a time, via his exemplary sources – that the statement was in fact prepared by CRO part-timer Chris Graham, and without his having contacted a single person mentioned in the statement. Since we've past for pointing out the Donegal Blogger's begging bowl fallacies and fantasies, we thought it best to take his advice and reach out for comment on his latest ramblings over Friday's statement regarding the Club's funding plans, the very cleverly titled, "The enemies of RIFC."

For the avoidance of doubt, here's what our intrepid reporting has uncovered, from the man with more buckles on his jacket than Phil has got stories right in his "career," Mr Chris Graham:

"Whilst flattered to be linked with an excellent Club statement which so clearly set out the funding strategy for the short-medium term, the idea that I wrote it is just another complete fantasy.

"It's not the first time Mr MacGiollabhain has completely fabricated the content of a blog and I'm sure it won't be the last."

And from one of our own well-placed sources, actually at Rangers and not just a made up voice in our collective heads, as to whether or not Mr Graham produced Friday's statement:


So there you have it, dear reader: another of credulous Phil's ramblings undone in less time than it takes to click a donate button.

Of course, if our sources are incorrect then the intrepid NUJ reporter can surely prove us wrong.

We await your response.