10 December 2015

Sacrificial Llambias

Woe is Derek Llambias, Rangers' former chief executive who definitely wasn't put there just to make sure Mike Ashley could keep doing whatever the fuck he wanted. It was all down to his work ethic, you see? Business acumen and whatnot.

Which is sad really when you consider just how dire he was at carrying out his duties, at least from a strictly duty-bound sense. Sure, he may be good at the helm of a tank brigade, but we've all seen how timid he is in dealing with the breakneck world of airport terminals.

Word came not long ago that Llambias was absolutely shitting it over all the current and pending litigation coming down the pipe. He went to his old friend and partner Ashley looking for a favor: Get me the fuck out of this mess that I leaped into two-footed on your behalf. As it was put so succinctly to us re: the current mood of the Ashley camp: "All is not good." That's without taking into account the news splashing the cover of the Guardian today over his retail empire.

Of course Derek's work was not without his rewards, what with KBA raking in hunners of thousands of pounds for doing fuck all. Toss that in with Llambias signing off on Ashley's plans for keeping Rangers in his servitude ad infinitum plus his handsome pay packet and the picture becomes crystal clear, as does his want away attitude now.

You had to wonder way back in those halcyon days of 2012-2014 just what a sitting board member of another football club (the managing director, no less) was doing so tied into the business of another. Well, you could wonder if you didn't want to see the answer standing right in front of you, which many keen to press the ol' DONATE button just to hear Jack Irvine's opinion regurgitated to them did. It didn't take a disgraced author to tell you Llambias signed off on the sale of Lewis Macleod just to get it up us, nor did it take a starship captain to inform you that once the Newcastle loyal joined the ranks of asking just what the actual hell was going on at Rangers that Derek's time would quickly be up. Getting your bluff called on a dicey loan can change one's mood rather rapidly, it seems, even if the loan shark would rather not be repaid at this time.

So here you have it today, with Big Mike asking for cases to be adjourned, with he and Derek stuck in a rammy that will not suit either in the long run, and over in another poorly lit corner stands Sandy Easdale back with Jack by his side hassling fans because people call him mean names on the internet. It's almost as if Mike's errand boys really didn't know what he was asking them to do.

The dirty laundry will be aired, but the race now becomes one of who will control the means and method of that airing, fought out among the swindlers and shysters who conspired to rip the very heart from Rangers. Meanwhile, Dave King is quietly going about getting the ducks in a row, implementing a series of off-field structural overhauls to the business. You have to wonder if his calm hand guiding the wheel at Ibrox makes the pill just that much more bitter. Of course, inquiring minds can always wait and gauge the mood of Irvine's next dump to his chosen few to find that out.

Perhaps Llambias will plead a mix of blind ignorance and blind faith someday in the not so distant future. Perhaps they all will, who knows? What is clear though is that Derek was considering the AWOL exit from General Mike's army, though he may have already been shoved out the door.