30 August 2018

Uf uf uf uf uf uf uf uf Ufa!

What can you even say? The early goal to put them under the gun. Adjusting to 10 men for more than 50 minutes. Adjusting to 9 men for nearly half an hour. Shagger. The number of jokes (definitely jokes) about having a wank over a football manager one can fit into a full 90 is quite astounding.

Let's just watch the glorious man have his say:

"What I saw tonight for a long period of the game is what it is about to be a Rangers player and what it should be about, which is you basically give your body and soul for this football club. My players did that tonight." 💙💙💙

Breaking down this performance at this point is a fairly useless measure; there will be plenty of time when we collectively run out of booze, preferably after Sunday. Here are some of the other highlights, courtesy of a deservedly ecstatic Rangers Twitter (and someone with a derangement syndrome).

Roll on Sunday.

Go listen to the Heart and Hand postmatch for even more flawed analysis.