26 February 2019

CROpod Memories: Neil Lennon Dot Com Shop

What better day to revisit one of the stupidest things to ever happen to Scottish football? From November 2013, it's the CROpod discovery of the Neil Lennon dot com Shop.

Celtic Fans Take To Twitter To Wish Rodgers Dead In Helicopter Crash

As Brendan Rodgers decided today to leave Celtic for greener pastures at Leicester City, the always tolerant self-styled Greatest Fans in the World took to social media to wish him dead.

25 February 2019

Rangers' Interim Accounts: Your Twitter Thread Analysis

Photo, Rangers.co.uk

Rangers International Football Club PLC released their interim accounts Monday, and the news is good. Unless you're a crazy person, in which case we can't help you and hope you get well soon.

23 February 2019

Jim Traynor Slaughters Tom English

Jim Traynor has taken apart BBC Scotland journalist Tom English in a video interview with supporters group Club 1872.

Here, Traynor refers to an incident where English made an entirely false accusation of racism against the club:

22 February 2019

Ask Humza: Strict Liability Or No?

Let’s take a quick look at all the things that didn’t prompt Humza Yousaf to drone on about strict liability, while he drones on about strict liability.

21 February 2019

Gerrard Talks Clarke Response In Thursday Presser

Manager Steven Gerrard commented on the ongoing Steve Clarke Consistency Conundrum that has engulfed Scottish football over the past few days.

There's Only Two Steve Clarkes

The older bears among us may remember a certain goalkeeper being subjected to a chant emanating from his own support of, ‘There’s only two Andy Gorams!’

20 February 2019

CROpod Memories: Thommo Plays With His Toys

After we interviewed Alex Thomson the first time, he generously came back for a followup on a wide range of topics. From March 2013's "CROpod Baker's Dozen" here's Alex... sitting in the floor... playing with his toys.

19 February 2019

Dan Roan Ban Proves BBC Scotland Agenda Against Rangers

The excuse given by BBC Scotland for their ongoing failure to meet their obligations to Scottish licence payers, by refusing to cover Rangers in a fair and balanced manner, has been shown up by the approach to another BBC journalist who was banned from the Etihad by Manchester City.

14 February 2019

CROpod Memories: Crazy Daniel

Yep, I found it. And now I present it to the internet as my special Valentine's Day gift to all. It's the greatest story that never should have been told: from Oct. 2014's CROpod Actually Seriously, it's the tale of Crazy Daniel.

You're welcome.

Nil By Mouth Aim To Stamp Out The Horror Of Sectarian Dates

Anti sectarian charity Nil By Mouth, have stepped in to save budding, inter-faith lovebirds from falling at the first hurdle this Valentines Day.

13 February 2019

Statement: Club 1872 Seeks Answers From SFA Over Disciplinary Process

Club 1872 has today written to the SFA seeking explanation for the incomprehensible decision making of their compliance officer, Clare Whyte and the judicial panels convened by them to oversee disciplinary matters in Scottish football.

SFA Endangering Players With Negligent Decision Making

The SFA are opening the door to serious injury for Scottish football players by turning a blind eye to head trauma and, with their latest decision, making it a potential red card offence for goalkeepers to protect themselves on the ground.

12 February 2019

CRO Returns to Heart and Hand

Shane returned to the Heart and Hand podcast for the first time in about a year to talk about whatever David told him to talk about. Take a listen below via YouTube, or sign up for H&H over at their Patreon site for just £1.99 per month! Go sign up. Do it. Don't be a dick.

11 February 2019

Compliance Officer Ignores Ongoing Celtic Attack On Referees

photo, SNS

Clare Whyte, the SFA Compliance Officer, has turned a blind eye to a sponsored attack on referees that involves current Celtic employees and the use of Celtic Park as a venue.

CROpod Memories: Am I A Worst C*nt?

Well, since I decided to dig the CRO out of the shallow grave I left it in, I've been digging back through all the material I have stashed around various points of the internet from back when we used to do this thing for real. Some of it's good, most of it's shit. This probably falls somewhere in between.

09 February 2019

Trial By Sportscene Must Be Challenged

The media campaign against Alfredo Morelos, which has been a season long disgrace to Scottish football, finally hit pay dirt last night when his red card against Aberdeen was inexplicably upheld by a mystery SFA panel – despite the offence clearly not matching any reasonable definition of violent conduct in the rulebook.

08 February 2019

Why A Morelos Appeal Must Succeed

We’ve all heard a lot of bullshit over the past day or so about Morelos “stamping” on Scott McKenna or how he “kicked him in the balls” but the massive issue for those pushing this line is that there are multiple angles of the incident, none of which show any such thing. In fact, Morelos makes no downward motion with his foot at all until McKenna’s non-kicking-Morelos-in-the-face leg catches him, causing very slight contact. 

God Bless America: Of Lions and Strangulations

When I decided to bring the CRO back (And more on all that later, maybe. Probably not. We're probably just gonna start doing shit and not explaining any of it.) I had to think about how to bring back some of the stupid crap we used to do without doing a six-hour podcast every week. God Bless America was one of those things that I felt was absolutely vital, in that it served a critical function to the people who visited our dumbass blog on a regular basis. The heavy bullshit must continue.