11 February 2019

Compliance Officer Ignores Ongoing Celtic Attack On Referees

photo, SNS

Clare Whyte, the SFA Compliance Officer, has turned a blind eye to a sponsored attack on referees that involves current Celtic employees and the use of Celtic Park as a venue.

On 30th December, Whyte issued disciplinary charges against Rangers for criticising referee Wille Collum in a statement, after he gave a second booking and red card to Daniel Candeias for blowing a kiss. Whyte was so incensed by this public criticism of Collum, that she managed to conjure five charges for Rangers over the incident. Two were not proven, two were proven and resulted in small fines and one was so tenuous that it had to be withdrawn by Whyte at the hearing.

The Rangers statement did not allege bias from Collum or make any allegations of corruption or conspiracy but Whyte still managed to throw the book at the club. Whyte has also charged several other officials of Scottish Clubs over criticism of referees. However, in what is becoming a clear pattern, she has managed to turn a blind eye to what is happening in the East End of Glasgow.

The attack on referees emanating from Celtic Park centres around a film by Celtic supporting lunatic, Paul Larkin who has produced a number of films and books alleging various conspiracies in Scottish football to disadvantage Celtic.

Larkin’s latest film ‘Anyone But Celtic’ alleges that Scottish referees have been controlled for decades by a masonic network, which has penalised Celtic despite them winning nine league titles in a row and seven league titles in a row during that period, as well as numerous other trophies.

Extensive video footage for the film was shot inside Celtic Park, with Larkin making various accusations of a decades long, SFA-sponsored conspiracy on camera from inside the stadium. Larkin makes various defamatory statements about long dead referees, some current ones and alleges that the SFA has been an openly sectarian organisation, working against Celtic and excluding Catholics, for over 50 years.

There is no doubt that Celtic were aware of what he was filming and the allegations he makes, as they would certainly not have granted access to film in their stadium without that information.

The film also features several interviews with various ex-Celtic players, including current Celtic Ambassador, Tom Boyd. Boyd has a paid role at Celtic Park and is therefore subject to SFA rules on member clubs and their staff bringing the game into disrepute. Despite these rules, and the open attack on the SFA and their past and current referees, Clare Whyte has turned a blind eye. She has also ignored Boyd’s recent round of newspaper interviews where he repeatedly referred to a need for “neutral” referees – a clear suggestion that our current referees are not neutral.

The SFA is fully aware of the content of the film, and the fact that Celtic have sponsored the message contained in the film by providing club facilities, staff and promotion, yet Clare Whyte has taken no action. The film was even premiered at Celtic Park and was extensively promoted prior to that screening, yet Celtic allowed the event to go ahead in full knowledge of its content.

‘Anyone But Celtic’ has rightly become a focus of ridicule online due to the cringe-worthy interviews with Boyd and John Fallon and the general manic nature of the content. Larkin himself cuts a demented figure in the film and on social media. It’s fair to say his creative efforts have not brought him great fame or fortune.

However, just because the film’s content is so ridiculous, it does not take away from the fact that Larkin is making serious allegations of corruption, conspiracy, bias and sectarianism, all aimed at the SFA and referees and all with Celtic’s tacit support. All of the charges that Whyte used on Rangers, for a single statement criticising one decision by a single referee, are relevant in this case. They cover bringing the game into disrepute, the behaviour of club officials and employees and the clubs themselves.

Whyte has issued multiple citations for Rangers (including last Friday's absurd findings against Allan McGregor and Alfredo Morelos) and other clubs but has not cited a single Celtic player during her tenure as Compliance Officer, despite several clear incidents involving violent conduct and diving. It also seems that the new compliance officer is only interested in defending Scottish referees when they are being criticised by ‘Anyone But Celtic’.