19 February 2019

Dan Roan Ban Proves BBC Scotland Agenda Against Rangers

The excuse given by BBC Scotland for their ongoing failure to meet their obligations to Scottish licence payers, by refusing to cover Rangers in a fair and balanced manner, has been shown up by the approach to another BBC journalist who was banned from the Etihad by Manchester City.

Manchester City banned BBC journalist, Dan Roan, in 2012 after the airing of an edited interview with Patrick Viera which they described as a "serious and cynical misrepresentation" of what Viera had said. The standoff between City and the BBC got so bad that at one point the BBC provided their own security for Roan to try to gatecrash a Manchester City event at which Viera was appearing.

Despite this row with Manchester City, at no point did the BBC in England refuse to cover Manchester City games or alter their coverage of the club.

All of which leaves us asking the question, why are BBC Scotland so keen to shaft Scottish licence payers over the failure of Chris McLaughlin to set aside his dislike for Rangers?

Let's not lose track of why McLaughlin was banned from Ibrox. He repeatedly, over a number of years, filed and broadcast misleading stories about Rangers. McLaughlin, an avid Celtic fan, essentially acted as a PR conduit for Jack Irvine, the Easdale brothers and Mike Ashley during their disastrous reign at Ibrox. McLaughlin unquestioningly regurgitated their propaganda, despite it being shown time and time again to be based on falsehoods. He has continued to do so until this day but, despite that, was given multiple opportunities to stop his unbalanced and at times downright dishonest coverage of Rangers, prior to being banned.

Manchester City banned a BBC journalist for a single interview and yet the BBC in England continued to cover the club. This stands in stark contrast to BBC Scotland being warned repeatedly about the propaganda being issued by one of their journalists and also having to make a catalogue of apologies for skewed and offensive coverage of Rangers — yet when the inevitable ban arrived they immediately withdrew their service to licence payers.

Tonight on BBC Reporting Scotland, the line that the BBC were simply backing their man was once again trotted out by Head of Communication, Ian Small.

It is no more honest a position now than it was when this dispute started more than three years ago. If this is BBC policy then why did they cover Manchester City when Roan was banned? Manchester City were "dictating" which BBC journalists could cover them. The simple fact is that for the BBC it is one rule for Rangers and another for other clubs, including Manchester City.