19 March 2019

James Dornan Apologises To Club 1872 Weeks After Making Up Stories

Rangers supporters group and the second largest shareholder in RIFC, Club 1872, have secured a grovelling apology from hapless, SNP MSP James Dornan over false allegations he made about them on his Twitter account.

The apology contains very formal language, and looks very much like the kind that would be issued by an individual who has received a legal letter regarding defamatory comments. Club 1872 have not commented on any legal action in their acknowledgement of the public climb down by Dornan but it seems likely from what they have said, and the manner of the apology, that they escalated the matter with a legal letter.

Dornan issued the humiliating apology earlier today after falsely accusing Club 1872 of “abusing” him on their website. It is a rare victory for Rangers supporters in the ongoing battle for fair treatment by politicians and the media, and Club 1872 should be applauded for not letting the matter go.

Dornan, hilariously, is the Convenor of the Cross Party Group on Combatting Sectarianism. This Holyrood group was set up by Dornan following the launch of his social media quest to become a notable voice in the growing hysteria about sectarian behaviour in Scotland.

Dornan himself is most famous for posing in front of a proscribed, Irish Republican, terrorist flag – which of course makes him the perfect person to comment on sectarianism. He is joined on this sham group by John Mason MSP who described the IRA as “freedom fighters” and by Sandra White MSP. White was caught up in a scandal regarding an anti-semitic tweet and also hit the papers when a former aide alleged that she had approved a press release referring to the Union Flag as the “butcher’s apron”.

So, a well rounded and credible selection of people from Scottish public life. The group looks destined to be a roaring success.