05 March 2019

‘Whistleblowing’ Celtic Fan Referee A Sectarian Bigot And Conspiracy Crackpot

Derek Crothers, the so-called whistleblowing ex-referee who has been extensively quoted in a Stephen McGowan article in Tuesday's Scottish Daily Mail, is a Celtic fan with a collection of sectarian tweets and links to masonic conspiracy crackpot, Paul Larkin.

Crothers claims to be lifting the lid on issues within the SFA regarding the promotion of referees and during a long, exclusive interview with McGowan admits he is a Celtic fan. In the interview, Crothers claims not to buy into the type of masonic conspiracy theories espoused by the deranged Paul Larkin but his Twitter account shows him offering Larkin pictures of a referee committee member on holiday in a Rangers pub.

He also offers Larkin an internal email sent round a referees association regarding Larkin's bizarre allegations. It seems clear that he has misled Stephen McGowan when he says he doesn't subscribe to conspiracy theories and that the Scottish Daily Mail haven't done even a cursory check on this background.

It is not clear whether Crothers is the ex-referee who appeared anonymously in Larkin's fictional film about referees.

Crothers also uses the sectarian term "huns" on a post on his Twitter account.

He has also liked several tweets using the same sectarian language.

When challenged on using these sectarian terms earlier today, Crothers made a joke about being hacked but then subsequently deleted a number of sectarian tweets.

It is not clear why the Scottish Daily Mail gave a platform to someone who uses sectarian language and subscribes to wild conspiracy theories about masonic influence on referees, or why they feel that someone with such bigoted views should be taken seriously.

There is no question that in not promoting Crothers to grade-one status, the SFA made the correct decision – at least in this case. Maybe the next time a Celtic sponsored attack on referees is being launched they will pick their spokesperson a bit more carefully.