11 May 2019

Dear Dick: Are You OK?

Most of you who have had the misfortune to listen to BBC Radio Scotland’s, Sportsound programme will know who Richard Gordon is. He has presented the show for more years than anyone cares to remember and has regularly allowed his love for Aberdeen FC, and his obvious dislike for Rangers, to severely hinder his ability to do his job properly. In short, he’s really not a very good presenter but he’s in with the bricks at BBC Scotland and hating Rangers is excellent for your chances of advancement at Pacific Quay.

What many of you won’t know, is that Richard also has a regular column in the Press and Journal newspaper which serves Aberdeen and the surrounding area.

Now normally we wouldn’t even hear about whatever drivel he’d written in this column, but since Rangers horsed an absolutely woeful Aberdeen side 2-0 at Ibrox on the 28th April, Richard has had quite the time letting his inner thoughts spew out into print.

Here are a few of the choice quotes from last week’s offering:

“With the same certainty that the wiring in your Spanish holiday apartment is likely to be a bit dodgy, along came not one, but two penalties.”

“The first was debateable, the second outrageous.”

“Jermaine Defoe’s punch being ignored rubbed salt into the wounds.”

“Poor showing at Ibrox…not helped by the kind of decision making fans of other clubs have become used to.”

Now, Richard is an Aberdeen fan, writing in an Aberdonian publication so let’s allow him a little leeway for his sub par, fanzine garbage. The real issue here is that this guy is meant to be an impartial BBC Scotland presenter. So, we are meant to believe that he can write this column one day and then the next day is going to treat Rangers fairly and equitably in the BBC Sportsound studio with Michael Stewart and Tom English.

The defeat, which ended any slim chance of Derek McInnes’ hammer throwers coming second in the league, didn’t just trigger Richard for one weekend though.

Today’s he’s back crying about Rangers again.

“PFA Scotland was first up and the crowning of Ryan Kent as its young player of the year left me shaking my head.”

“With so many Rangers fans in dressing rooms across the country, a few pros had warned me that might happen.”

“I had no real issue with James Forrest getting the top award.”

So there we have it, Ryan Kent won because of all the Rangers supporters playing professional football in Scotland but James Forrest winning it by getting less goals and assists than the Rangers right back was totally understandable.

Look, it’s fine for Richard Gordon to be a partisan Aberdeen fan writing a pretty dull fanzine style column in a local newspaper. Gordon was at the forefront of Aberdeen’s laughable push, which they genuinely believed might happen, to become Scotland’s second biggest team when Rangers were demoted. He’s suffered over 30 years of regular hidings from Rangers with just a brief blip when we were out the league, so as a fan of course he’s bitter. He’s readily admitted in the past that he was “brought up to hate Rangers” so this is exactly what we should expect.

However, he’s the main anchor of BBC Scotland’s flagship radio sports programme. This kind of stuff would see him absolutely hammered by BBC Scotland bosses if they themselves weren’t of a similar mind. Instead he’ll likely get a clap on the back and a pay rise because there is very little to BBC Scotland’s football output these days beyond concocting ways to attack our club.